My Parents’ wedding day|Hip Kit Club|mixed media


Hello again.

Today, I decided to have a go at a page that was going to be hard for me for two reasons.

1. It features my parents’ wedding – a beautiful moment which started almost 37years of a wonderful marriage and resulted in my birth 9.5 months later. Sadly, my mum passed away 2months ago after losing her very long and full of ups and downs fight with cancer. For those 2 months, I was avoiding looking at her pictures as I knew it would be painful and I would probably end up in tears. Today, I decided that it’s time to face my demons and make a layout that will be a tribute to my parents and their love.

2. I went for completely new mediums which I haven’t used before: burlap, mica powders, paper flowers; I used a colour block card – black – which is always a challenge for me; and to top it all up, I decided to only use white and gold…


To start, I spread modelling paste with a pallet knife to create textured background and at the same time add the first splash of colour/white.


Once the paste dried, I added gold fabric paint (using palette knife again) to add to the texture and build up the layers of colour.


While the background was drying, I painted two strips of burlap with white gesso – that was more tricky than I expected…I guess the easier way is to dab the burlap with the brush covered in gesso, rather than painting it as it soaks up the gesso straight away.


I covered edges of the longer strip with gold Mica powder.


I used Ayeeda Acrylic Gel Medium to position and attach the strips in place on the background.


I used a white doily and a gold polka dot vellum from Hip Kit Club August scrapbooking kit as a backing for the photo and placed it on top of the burlap.

The last stage was to attach white paper flowers on the side of the photo.


Tadah!!! That’s the finished page.

There is no title or date or journalling on this page because I think the photo itself is powerful enough and the gold colour adds that special feeling to the black and white memory.

What do you think? I am looking forward to your feedback.

See you again soon. E x