Flowery Photo Frame | 13arts






Today, I made a very flowery frame. It is just a card part of a box-like 3-dimensional white frame I got at IKEA. I am still trying to decide which photo to put in it as it will need reprinting to fit the square shape of the frame. I think I might go for a black and white photo from my parents’ wedding, which I previously used in the black-gold-white layout (you can find it here: My Parents’ Wedding). I really like that photo.

I am into flowers these days and working on a frame allowed me to practice the grouping and layering of different types and sizes of flowers so that I can use that skill later on in my scrapbooking layouts. All the various flowers come from 13arts – they’re quickly becoming the main supplier of my crafting stash. The products are amazing quality and the international delivery is very speedy. It was a genius idea when Polish economists designed their marketing logo years ago: ‘Dobre bo Polskie’, which means ‘It’s good because it’s Polish.’ That’s so true! hahaha)

 I used some texture paste, strips of burlap and distressed muslin to create some more texture and dimension on the frame itself. As for the stars of the show – flowers, I went for shades of pink/purple and white as they’re bright, delicate and cute all at the same time. Perfect for the wedding theme.


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