me | Berry71bleu + MTW


This morning, I have finally finished the layout I started over a week ago; bad health and new job are such an ungrateful crafting companions.

Anyhow…the page was inspired by two challenges:

MTW jan challenge

More Than Words – Selfie/Personality challenge is all about showing yourself. Well…for me that was not as straight forward as I thought is would be. After some serious thinking and re-thinking, I decided to go with the very first idea I had when I saw the challenge: show the two Ewelinas that I am – the extremely organised, serious, almost always in black English teacher and the full of ideas, unpolished, creative, colourful crafting crazy lady. That’s why only half of my face is in the layout (that’s the serious me that everyone knows) and the colourful me is reflected by the textured background, layers and flowers (the part that only a few are aware of).

Berry71bleuJanuary 2016

The second inspiration was the Get Your Sparkle On – Berry71bleu challenge – the blues and teals and sparkles are all my favourites. The mood boards was such an inspiration for the colours and textures I used in the page.

Here are some close-ups of the page


I hope you like it. Thank you for visiting again.