Creative Recipe Layout


Here we are, it’s mid-June challenge time The Studio Challenges blog. This time it’s a creative recipe one. Ive never done one before and I really enjoyed it. The aim was to use as many of the ingredients as possible in one layout. Here they are:

Sewing ✓ (black thread, machine sewn)

Lace ✓ (strip of white lace stapled across the page)

Pink ✓ (delicate sprinkles of pastel pink to add a tiny bit of colour and girliness)

Paint or ink splatters ✓ (as always in my layouts…plenty of them)

Enamel Dots ✓ (black shiny ones scattered all over the page)

Kraft colour ✓ (kraft 12×12 card used as a background of the whole layout)

A star ✓ (stamped out in black here, there and everywhere)

Stencilling ✓ (delicate lace design matching the rest of the page)

Doily ✓ (sewn onto the page and becoming the main element breaking the kraft background)

I ended up with a very simple layout – none of my usual textures and dimensions are here – but one that allowed me to venture into the new and learn from it.





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