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Welcome to the second August challenge at Picture This! challenge blog.

This time we are asking you to use the imperfect photo in your layout. We all tend to use the ‘show-off’ pics on your pages but what happened when the photo you took is nowhere near perfect – blurry, too dark or the head of the person it is completely … not even in it?! This is your chance to showcase the imperfections of your photo-taking skills. Make the best of it!

Here’s a short story of my picture-imperfect page. I travel to and from work on a train, almost 3 hours of my life are spent moving between train stations of Yorkshire every day. On one of the stations there is a piano which can be played by whoever is brave enough; sometimes it’s someone talented, sometimes…not at all. That day I was running really late, so I was literally running across the station praying that I manage to reach the platform before the train door closes when I heard someone playing a beautiful, sad music on the downstairs piano. I took my phone and took the photo while still running (not bad, eh?). When I got on the train (yes, I did catch it!), the photo was a bit too dark and blurry but the memory of the music was still with me.

When I saw this challenge, my only thought was – What a perfect opportunity! Where is my music notes design paper?

If you’d like to see the process video – you can find it here.

Here are some close-ups.


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