Black (Friday) Challenge | CCB

It’s Black Friday and most of the people are frantically spending money on things they probably don’t even need in the first place but… who am I to judge when I’m the one with a room full of crafting stuff. hahaha Having said that, I have actually cleared some of my hoarded stash by passing it on to people who want/need it and, most importantly, use it. Now I can buy some more! wink wink


Canvas Corp Brands Collective hold mini-event on their Facebook group called Fabulous Friday and today it’s a Black Challenge. The idea is to create a project that is 90% black – the other 10% can only be white, grey, or metallic. The project type is optional – sew or knit something, make a tag, Art Journal, ATC card set, layout etc.

Make it a fun Friday evening activity and show us what you have done in the CCB Collective (we love if you link to your blogpost), on Instagram and other social media. USE #ccbblack so we can find your project!
Deadline December 1st (and YES – there will be a small prize).


Here is my black tag.