I have finally conquered my fear of LIVE crafting and made a couple of LIVE Facebook appearances. There were a couple of obstacles on the way as… too weak a connection so the feed wouldn’t go live at all to start with; then I couldn’t figure out how to swap between selfie-view and crafting table view; then my phone unclipped from the holder and flew across my table while live… oh, the adventures of live feed…
As stressful as it is, it’s also quite fun and seeing how supportive people are is very heart-warming… I will be doing it again!

Just to give you quick overview what’s happened so far:

Art Journal page – my first ever feed; just for the sake of testing it really…


Grey and pink scrap page – quite a few people liked my first take on this theme so I decided to follow and make one live…


This morning, I went for ‘Two papers turned into one‘ for my BUBBLES page. This one was going on ok until the ‘tried and tested’ rubbing foil trick didn’t work hahaha So typical… The page is so much fun though…


I do hope to see you on my Live Feed adventures on Facebook Page soon!

Posted by:ewelinkag

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