It’s pretty easy to make a birthday card for an adult – no limitations really – but when it comes to children’s birthday cards… oh, that’s a whole different story; well, at least for me it is. So when I was tasked with a ‘just, you know, a simple card for a 5year old girl who loves everything pink’, I might have had a slight anxiety attack… How do I do that??? Oh, by the way.. have you noticed how girly the gift wrapping is? hahaha I am so rubbish at the stuff!


The only thing I could think of was to take out all my whole stash from Fabrika Decoru and hope to find something appropriate. And I did – the ‘Space Adventure’ collection has papers, chipboards, buttons and plenty more friendly alien themed products. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – aliens? For a girl? Well, it was either this or nothing and, besides, who said that aliens can’t be pink (or purple)??? huh???


I embossed the chipboards, added some sparkly flowers and shiny paper straws and… she loved it! Guess, I’m not that bad at kiddie cards then…

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Take care!

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