Love wreath


Tattered Angels have released a new paint collection – Colour Wash.
It has been created bring out the natural beauty and tint the surface at the same time. Formulated with a special blend of ingredients the paint works so well for painting, tinting and staining wood and natural surfaces.  This water-soluble paint can be used on any natural, rustic, rough, textured wood or natural surface. You can apply it with a brush or as a mist – depending on the area and type of your base material.


Having been tasked with testing one of the first sets ever produced, I went to a local Country Baskets and spent a small fortune on numerous wooden and wicker items to be able to play as much as possible. My verdict: the Colour Wash is so awesome!!!


I sprayed the Vanilla Milkshake on the wreath to make it look more distressed and it worked wonders!
I then painted the working with Vanilla Milkshake, Red Wine and Purple Rain allowing them to flow into each other and create shades.

So far so good – I could still see all the natural textures and lines on the wood. Perfect!


The plain wooden heart-shaped coasters needed some love too – Red Wine Colour Wash and white stencil paste did their job and made them look yummy!


The wreath was ready for putting together – wording, flowers and some very rustic wooden mini-hearts created the base.


The final assembly was focused mainly around tying strips of lace and ribbon onto the wreath; then tying in the used-to-be coasters onto strings of red rope.


That’s how my fun tester turned into a full-blown crafting session with a gorgeous boho outcome.


Thanks for looking!