Hi I’m Ewelina, nice to meet you!
I am really glad that you have decided to visit my blog; let me introduce myself.
I’m a mixed-media crafter from England. Born in Poland; I moved here 13 years ago and never looked back. Teacher. Sister. Daughter. Friend.
My paper passion started when I was a teenager with loads of penpals. My letters were always easily recognisable with decorations and doodles all over them. It all slowly ‘faded into nothingness’ when I started teaching and my paper passion found another outlet –  stationery addiction. That’s when I started using planners, colourful pens and sticky notes, stamps and anything colourful to make the assessing and learning/teaching a bit more attractive even to the ‘not that bothered’ students.
18 years down the line and I am still a teacher with a bag full of stationery; planner-girl with tonnes of planner stickers and washi; snailmailer with 10 penpals all over he world and a crafter full of enthusiasm and passion for pretty things.
Crafting for me is a way of releasing the creativity that has been sleeping inside me for years and now is finally free to flow.
It also allows me to claim the office space and not feel to guilty about having it filled with loads of beautiful paper and craft materials.
My projects are filled with layers and textures; not always perfect but…
as E. Land said “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”
So…That’s me.
Thank you for stopping by.